Here begins a short biog of what has happened so far.

The short story

Born in the early 80s in the north east of England.

Now living in the south east, working at the outer edges of the music industry.


The Longer Tale


My first exposure to music and the idea of playing a musical instrument was when a white haired fellow came into a primary school classroom, played a cassette on a tape player and asked us to write down how many instruments we could hear. I must have got the answer nearly right, I hope, because I started lessons on the cornet, with the teacher Matthew Lawson, who taught me the basics of music – through his book ‘Basic Brass’.

I stuck with the cornet for a few years, and then happened to see a video of the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, which enlightened me to the wonders of the guitar. Santa Claus brought me an Encore Coaster strat copy (weighed a ton – still does). I eventually gave up the cornet for the euphonium, as my mouth changed shape while still teaching myself the guitar.

Secondary school saw some piano lessons and a few guitar lessons with Gawen Robinson, followed by playing a few lead roles in musical theatre, as well as playing various instruments in pit bands for shows.

During this period I played one gig for the price of 6 chunky kit-kats. I was also a member of Northern Angel with musicians who went on to be in Little Comets.

I studied Music at GCSE and then took it up at A-Level – travelling to the other side of Gateshead for the lessons once a week.

To help my admission prospects for the University of Surrey Tonmeister course, I sat my ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory and Grade 8 singing.

Continuing Development

I headed south for University – into the wilds of Guildford. I spent a very short term in the  University Chamber Choir, and was never asked back the next term. During this time Fin Barnes and I formed FINe and dANDY, playing party hits from across the ages to student audiences armed only with a pair of guitars.

I hosted an fortnightly open mic night on campus – getting paid one hot meal per weekday and all the booze I could drink.

After University, I went to work at DAT with Ian Silvester – continuing work I had started during my industrial placement year at University. I was lucky enough to work with Gerry Rafferty, spent a while as a composer’s assistant to Jennie Muskett, and was on the team that recorded Live 8 in Paris and Dave Gilmour live at the Albert Hall.


I’m living in the south of England – halfway between London and the coast, writing songs and trying to play them as often as possible – at open mic nights and gigs around the area.

I’m working as an audio engineer, digital evangelist and studio technician for a variety of clients.