Digital Evangelism

Some of my work involves Digital Evangelism for artists in the Music Industry.

Black aka Colin Vearncombe

My DE work for Black – has included filming and editing videos for tour and album promotion.

I look after the website, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud pages. Also the YouTube Channel.


Recent developments have seen us reaching 148% of the total on a Pledge Campaign to help provide funds for a new album. I have produced all of the videos that have accompanied the campaign so far. Find out more at:
For more information on Black – go to:


Peggy Seeger

I also look after the social channels for the legendary singer songwriter Peggy Seeger.

This work has included monitoring and using the social media channels to publicise her new album. Everything Changes (available 1st September on Signet Music).

To find out more about Peggy, go to her site at:

Peggy Seeger - Digital Evangelism by Andy Patterson



Digital Evangelism

If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss me working for you on digital evangelism for you, then please get in touch via the Contact page.