The Singing Wells project

I am the chief audio engineer for The Singing Wells project.  Stemming from my work with Abubilla Music in London, I got involved with the Singing Wells project.

The Singing Wells project

The project aims to help preserve the traditional music of East Africa, through the location recording of

We arrive in a pre-arranged location and meet up with musicians. We set up our mobile recording studios and record and film performances in the location. The project pays the group a gratuity for their time performing, and they get a CD of the session to take away with them.

To date, I have worked on 3 recording trips to Uganda and 3 trips to Kenya.


Video Work

I have also been responsible for a lot of the post production of videos from the project – editing the videos in Premiere Pro and exporting them to YouTube and tagging them. I am also responsible for looking after the library of recordings in the archive in the UK.


Find out More – Singing Wells Project

To watch the videos, read more about the project and get involved, go to:

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